Frequently Asked Questions

Product Information


Do your products expire?

We use absolutely NO preservatives or chemicals to aid in the preservation of our products. As with any natural product, Shine Essentials products will not last forever. This is why we make small batches every time.  We suggest keeping an eye on your product for any discoloration or change in odor. If you don’t plan on using your goods within the first few months after purchase, store them in the fridge.  We recommend storing in a cool dry place below 76°.


How does Shine Essentials come up with products?

Every product is born out of a specific need or request from friends, family, customers and my yoga students. We don’t sell anything that we wouldn’t use ourselves. We like to keep the recipes as simple and natural as possible. After getting the recipe just right we let our friends try it and welcome positive or negative feedback.  We want our customers to have a product they fall in love with and can use confidently, and recommend to family and friends. We are always grateful and eager to hear what our customers have to say about our products and appreciate you taking the time to let us know how we’re doing.


Where do your scents come from?

We use organic essential oils.  We stay away from synthetic chemicals, dyes or artificial flavors.


Do you make the products?

Yes, we make everything in house.  Every item is hand crafted in small batches to keep quality and consistency.  We are very proud that all of our line is artisan made.  We purposely keep limited inventory on hand so that the product is always fresh.


Where do the ingredients come from?

We do our very best to purchase local ingredients and make sure they are sourced from the Pacific Northwest.  Herbs come from Oregon Tilth or Mountain Rose in Eugene who are committed to fair trade.  Beeswax is purchased from a local farmer in Mount Angel and another in Scotts Mills.  Bobs Red Mill is another supplier of quality ingredients.  Always doing our best to support other locals business.

High quality essential oils are a must for our products.  These oils are so vital to ensuring you are receiving a quality product every time you place an order.


Does Shine Essentials deodorant contain aluminum?

No! Our sticks contain no aluminum, no parabens, no propylene glycol, no phalates, no gluten, no perfumes, and no dyes.


Is the deodorant an antiperspirant?

No, an antiperspirant contains aluminum, which block your pores and prevent sweating.  This formula contains two types of clays to help absorb wetness.   Generally one application per day in fine, however if you have activities or are going to workout or be physical just re-apply to help keep you dry, confident and smelling good.


Will products melt in high temperature? 

Shine Essential products are free of chemicals, and chemical stabilizers and harsh chemical preservatives.  If some of the products are exposed to high temperatures they can soften and melt.  If products are exposed to high heat, stir the softened product and put in the refrigerator to resolidify.  If you are purchasing deodorant or moisturizer, lip balms or dreamsticks during hot weather please let us know so we can package the product accordingly. 


Return Policy


What is the return policy?

Due to the nature of the product we do not accept returns.  However we are committed to make sure your experience leaves you 100% satisfied and will always do our best to remedy a situation and take care of you, our customer.  If you purchase this product from a retailer you will need to contact them directly. 


Shipping Information


How long will my order take to ship?

We do our very best to ship orders within 2-4 days.  Some items need a little extra time to cure as we like to make sure our customers are always receiving a truly quality product.